• Welded wire meshes
  • Reinforcing steel
  • Profiled section bars I, U, IPE, HEA, HEB
  • Flat steel
  • Universal mill plate
  • Square steel
  • Angle iron   
  • Round steel
  • Rolled plates
  • Trapezoidal profiles
  • Welded tubes
  • Seamless tubes
  • Hollow profiles


Welded wire meshes

Welded wire meshes from reinforcement steel are applicable to concrete structures. Welded wire meshes have a broad use in building industry as reinforcing meshes for concrete products and industrial floors. They are used in building utility lines, in agriculture, gardening, farming, roadwork, also as protecting covers, floor heating templates, stock elements, stock palettes or road and highway fencing.
In 1992 we started cooperation with the company Železárny-Annahütte, spol. s r.o. Prostějov as an authorized dealer. Železárny-Annahütte, spol. s r.o. Prostějov is a part of a German concern the head of which is Bavarian government councillor for building Mr. Dipl. Ing. Max Aicher.

Welded wire meshes in stock:

KA 16  4-100-2x3  Q 188A 6-150-2,3x6
KA 17  4-150-2x3  KY 81 8-100-2,15x5
KD 35  5-100-2x3  Q335A 8-150-2,3x6
KD 37  5-150-2x3  AQ 80 8-100-2,4x6
KH 30  6-100-2x3  KY 86 8-150-2,4x6
KH 20  6-150-2x3  AQ 60 6-100-2,4x6
KY 49  8-100-2x3  
KY 50  8-150-2x3  


Catalogue of reinforcing welded wire meshes


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